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2018.8.16(목), How to Present and Win in English
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등록시간: 2018-08-13 11:09:13

How to Present and Win in English



-일시: 8월 16일 (목) 오후 3시 - 4시

-장소: 보건대학원 220동 701호


*The talk will be given in English.

연자: A-Young Kim M.Sci., M.B.A. (Consultant & Facilitator)


A-Young is a consultant and coach on leadership, innovation and high performance organizations. For the past 12 years, she has worked with multinational companies, governments, startups and non-profits to pursue growth and development. She has led the training & coaching of thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs in over 30 organizations across 15 countries. She has also spoken extensively in conferences and workshops on personal leadership.

A-Young’s work with young leaders has been featured on television in Singapore and her work with the Malaysian public sector was reported on national news.

A-Young has lived in seven countries and is currently based in Singapore, where she has founded One Within, a company focused on helping people and organizations achieve meaningful transformations.




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